Dyson’s Groom Brush for a Well-Groomed Pooch

If you have a pet, then the problem of its hair shedding probably features number one on your pet peeve list. Moreover, if you are a generally tidy person, this is one thing that could drive you crazy and make you harried even though you love your pet very much! When your pets shed hair, you tend to find them all over the place – your carpet, your couch, in the kitchen, and even in your food! This, especially, if they have long hair and then you find them flying in the air making you sneeze, giving your kid allergies, and making it quite an unsanitary atmosphere at home!

The only way to tackle this problem is to get to the very root of it. Yes, I am implying the hair roots. Every pet care expert will tell you that vacuuming up the dog hair will not guarantee you hair-free upholstery for even a single, whole day. The vital thing to do is to spend quality time while brushing your pet’s coat leisurely and with care. But this too will cause shedding and you will find hair around when you brushed the pet. You vacuum it all up and you might still find some runaways in some other part of your house!

To relieve you of your agitation is Dyson’s Groom Brush. Using simple common sense and an even simpler technique, the Dyson’s Groom Brush is a boon for all pet owners. It uses a brush that when used on your pet, would be perfect for a soothing massage and at the same time, the resultant loose and shedding hair will be gulped in by the vacuum cleaner-like device that is built into it! Besides, the hair that gets entangled in the teeth of the brush will also get sucked into the vacuum when the bristles retract into the mouth of the machine. This leaves behind a job done efficiently well!

You have probably tried the vacuum cleaner on your poodle behind and found him to be averse to it, but the Dyson Groom Brush with its coat brush attached to it would do the trick as the vacuum is not directly applied to the surface of your pet’s coat. It is calm and does not startle your pet away. Also, the Dyson can be doubled as a normal vacuum cleaner! So if you already own a Dyson vac, all you need to do is pick up the attachment accessory for the Groom Brush for $90. Now if that doesn’t sound like a good deal, what does?

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Via: Oh Gizmo