Let Your Kitty Power The Humidifier!

We all love our kitties, don’t we? But we also hate them when we feel that they laze around a bit too much. You can’t help it actually – that’s cat nature. They are born emperors and they always like to do things the way they want unlike doggies. So what is the solution?

You can’t afford to buy electronic gadgets that work on electricity because you are afraid your kitty will increase your electricity bills. If you are really eager to know the solution then let me present to you the cat-powered humidifier!

This thing is designed by Yuan Gu and is basically meant not only to purify the air but also to save your electricity bills and keep your kitty at work. Whenever your feline friend will roll this ball, it will purify the air and at the same time will get recharged as well. That means you save your electricity and your kitty is always busy. Better health at lower consumption, that’s the whole idea here!

Known as the Wool Ball, this gizmo runs on hybrid electric power. Hybrid electric power is also known as hybrid battery power so you shouldn’t be confused about it. Now, the trick here is to keep your kitty busy and at the same time make her pay for her fun. How would you do that? It’s pretty simple; you just switch this thing on and put it in front of your kitty. She will play and it will keep recharging.

But, it’s not all that good. You need to charge it through electricity as well when it’s completely out of power. Basically, you will first charge it up through an electrical outlet. Once it is charged, you can rely on its rechargeable battery and throw it in front of your kitty for her entertainment. Cool? For sure it is. Your kitty will be busy and so will you be.

Even if you don’t have a kitty, you can use this ball thing for your toddler or your puppy. It works for everyone, even you! To be honest, it is quite cool. It can amuse you in your leisure hours as well!

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Via: Inhabitat