Funky and Stylish: i-toc Watch Design

Many of us have learned from our experiences in life that we have to be the master of our time and organize our time in such a way so that we can accomplish and manage our duties and responsibilities accordingly, and for that we need to keep track of our time.

designer watch i toc time revolution red

Most of us use a watch to do so. So that we are in time for our classes, meetings, and so on. So if you are someone who like unique, unusual, yet cool looking watches, then this is absolutely the right product for you. The i-toc watch that has been created by UK designer Sean Zoega is a limited designer edition. It comes in six funky yet fabulous colors that will go with every outfit you wear. The i-toc is available in black, silver, blue, purple, red, and orange colors.

The whole objective behind the design of this watch is to redefine the way one looks at their watch to read the time. The i-toc has circles on the body of the watch, that are present to give a more intuitive way to read the time for the user, especially since the visual pattern of the circles is constantly changing.

i-toc design watch review

This i-toc has been worn and owned by many of the famous artists, some of who are our favorites. This include Jamelia, Michelle Williams, Amy Winehouse, Johnny Marr, and so on.

The best part of the i-toc watch is that it is a unisex watch. It can be worn by both men and women, and won’t look weird at all. In fact you can set your own style statement by having such a cool and never before seen design on your writs that will certainly grab everyone’s attention. This naturally means an abundant flow of compliments.

This product has been very successful since its launch in the year 2008, so make sure you order your favorite colored i-toc as soon as possible, since this is a limited edition design, available at selected stores worldwide and online.

designer watch i toc time revolution black image

Via: Walyou