Angel’s Wings iPhone Holder

Let’s admit it. Cellphones have acquired an important position in our lives. We might not realize it but the truth is, today cellphones are more like our pets. Our cellphones are with us wherever we go, and are always there whatever we do.

Honestly, think for a moment about the various tasks that cellphones do for us. They can be our music players, our GPS, and just about anything we want them to be. And, if we specifically talk about the iPhone, then there is nothing else one would have wanted in a cellphone. It’s stylish, it’s sleek; and it’s got everything you need to do everything!

But, do we give our iPhones the love and respect they deserve? Do we care for them the way they do for us? No, right? Maybe because we never thought about it or maybe because we never found anything with which we can show our love to our cellphones. So, if you have been thinking about giving your iPhone a cool way to look more beautiful, then these angel wings are for you. Basically, all you need to do is fix them on the back of your iPhone with the suction cup the wings come with. Now, these wings are not just mere showpieces, but they can actually help your phone stand upright; thus, you can communicate easily whether it is a video call or conference call. The best part is that you can use it for both landscape and portrait viewing. And, of course, you can remove them whenever you want. They are light and sturdy enough to be carried anywhere.

Don’t even think that these angel wings are expensive! You can get them for just $12. Moreover, they are not just pieces of silicone shaped as wings, but they actually look and feel like real wings. They are beautiful and the best way of making your iPhone look special. Imagine, in your next business meeting you put up these wings, wouldn’t your colleagues go all wow?

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