Voice Recognition Desk Alarm Clock

So when was it the last time when you wished for an alarm clock that could listen to your voice and shut down? Believe it or not, nobody wants to even see that alarm clock early in the morning tweeting like a morning bird. It is annoying and even more annoying is when you have to literally get up and shut it down.

Moreover, it gets even worse when it starts alarming and you (while you are half sleep) strike it with all your might and it shuts down. What happens is that you go back to sleep and the clock doesn’t even wake you up again. So, if you suffer from such situations and you completely hate the traditional alarm clocks then this Voice Recognition Desk Alarm Clock is for you!

What does it do?

If you really are asking me what this clock can do then I am sure you don’t really know about the voice recognition technology. Basically, this clock is equipped with voice recognition technology which means that it will recognize your voice and stop alarming. But this does not mean that even if you scream while you are half asleep, this clock will shut down. No my friend, it will only stop when it recognizes your voice pattern. More clearly, you need to input your voice to set the alarm which means that once it starts alarming it will recognize the same voice tone and stop. If you have set the alarm when you were all fresh, then no matter how much you scream while you are half asleep, this watch won’t stop. Isn’t that good? I mean you will have to get up and literally get all freshen up to stop the clock. I guess that is the only way all of us (the lazy bums) will be punctual to work.

Here are the features of this clock:

• Voice Recognition Technology

• Digital Alarm Clock

• High Quality Sound

• AM/FM Radio

So, still thinking of whether to buy it or not? I would suggest you to go and get this clock before it gets out of stock!

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Via: Ithomeproducts