Solio Rocsta Hybrid Solar Charger: Whenever, Wherever

If you want to hike on the Himalayas or you’re addicted to mountain biking, you can now have the perfect companion in the form of the Solio Rocsta H1000 Hybrid Solar Charger, which will allow you to use any device that runs on power almost anywhere on earth.Solio Rocksta Hybrid Solar Charger

The Rocsta is essentially a battery with a solar panel, and is made of a Luxen shell design and a built-in carabiner, which makes it very tough and perfect while in the great outdoors. It also includes a single photovoltaic cell along with a full-size charging battery to enable quick recharging of your devices, which can be attached to your backpack, bell-loop, or bicycle. The most amazing feature is that it provides earth-friendly,  sustainable power to charge more than 3,200 devices, from iPods and iPhones to cameras and micro-USB devices like Blackberry, Motorola, and LG, etc. purely with the help of Mother Nature’s big, ball of energy – The Sun! This lightweight travel charger is a god-send while in remote electricity-free locations, and can hold the charge for up to a year, which means that it’s ready to go, whenever. To know how much power you’re packing, it is indicated by flashing a green light, with each flash indicating a 20% power level, but only after the ‘Start’ button is switched on! The Rocsta also promises intelligent charging, and can be charged through a USB cable or an optional wall-charger. Sells for just under $80.

If you want portability and environmental sustainability, you need the Rocsta! For all you Solar freaks, try out the Stylish Solar Light Cap.