Enjoy the Replica of Wonder Woman Gear

For all those Wonder Woman fans out there, the latest limited edition series from JLA Trophy Room is definitely worth looking into. The latest addition contains replicas of the entire gear of the Amazon warrior, including her tiara, bracelet, and lassos.

Wonder Woman Tiara Bracelet

Slated to be available from November 2010, this warrior’s gear priced at $264.99 is truly worth a buy. The tiara measures 2 ¾” tall on front top point, 1 ½” tall on sides, 6 1/2″ wide and 7 ¼ ” long which is made of gold tone metal, and stamped, containing a translucent star. The bracelets are made of silver tone metal, and each measures 5 ¼” tall,  2 ¾ ” wide at the top, 3 ¼” wide at the bottom, and  2 1/4″ in length; while the lasso is made of braided gold tone metal, and measures 60″ in length.

The entire gear is mounted on a cold cast porcelain base, and has a silver display plaque and two columns which support the entire gear. The dimensions of the base are 7 ¼” tall to the column top and 11″ tall entirely x 9 ¾”  wide x 9 ½” long. No wonder every Wonder Woman aficionado would love to possess it.

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