Tell Time in an Innovative Way with LED Flower Watch Design Bloom

The new watch design from Tokyoflash Design Studio truly changes the manner and style of watches forever. The LED Flower Watch Bloom design depicts time in the most unique way of all, with the help of blooming flowers.


This watch, which has no clasp but can be worn like a bangle is more of a jewelry accessory than a watch, which makes it a definite must for those who love such accessories. Added to this is the unique way of which you can tell the time. With this watch, the number of petals depicts the time of the day, with the largest flower showing the hours. It is important to note that each petal denotes one hour, while the circle at the center denotes 6 hours.


The smaller flowers depict the minutes, with the upper flower showing minutes by tens, and the lower one showing minutes in single digits. The circle at the center of the smaller flower in the lower end of the watch denotes five minutes, while the circle at the center of the other smaller flower denotes whether it is morning or evening.

So, gear up to tell time in a new way with this LED Flower Watch. For some other innovative ideas to tell time, check out the Dot LED Bracelet Watch and the Kisai Round trip pocket watch.

Via: Tokyoflash