Alphabet Shelf Is Ideal For Kids Space

In modern urban homes, one has to create space within a limited area by utilizing the space properly using appropriate furniture. Most modern furniture designs do serve multipurpose for this reason. Take for instance this AAKKOSET Shelf that has different alphabet sections which can be used to keep books, dvds, toys, magazines, collectibles, etc and this tall shelf can double up as room divider too.

aakkoset alphabet shelf1

The alphabet shelf is made of medium density fiberboard and comes in different bright colors like black, blue, red, orange, white, violet, and yellow.  Because of the alphabets, it seems best suited for any kids space or kids room. In fact you can use it to divide any space to create exclusive kid zone.

aakkoset alphabet shelf2

If you have a toddler then you need not worry about teaching alphabets, the shelf itself will create a great visual imagery of all the English alphabets.

aakkoset alphabet shelf3

This book shelf is certainly not a fine artistic piece of décor but it will brighten up and add cheer to any space, especially the kids room. It is 168cm in length and 185cm in height and one can leave it empty too to use it exclusively as room divider.

akkoset alphabet shelf4

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