Unique Flame Tables for the Very Unique You

Being unique has a charm of its own. It reflects your personality and your preferences. If you are one of those who would like to be that very unique personality, the Unique Flame Table is just for you.

The Unique Flame Table is not just named Flame but has a live fire burning right in its center in the center of your living room. This is a burning ‘hot and sizzling’ coffee table that will become the object of attraction for every visitor.

This burning table has been very elegantly hand crafted with a combination of natural materials. The base is made of lattice wood slats giving it a designer look. The top has been composed of reconstituted limestone. To give it that added bit of attraction you will find subtle hints of granite chips in the limestone.

Since every home has a different look, provisions has been made to alter the shade of the limestone portion as per the customer’s choice. You as a customer can define the shade of limestone you prefer for your household.

In the center of the table top is an indent that houses the fire. Using ethanol based fuel, the fire in the table can be lighted. The choice of fuel has been made as per the purpose. Being a table top fire, it cannot afford to be messy. Moreover, if it starts giving out soot in the middle of your living room it is bound to destroy your other possessions. With the ethanol gel fuel being used here, you can rest in peace.

Ethanol gel fuel is a very good choice for a table top fire. It is odorless, smoke free, soot free, and does not leave behind any residue. What you get is clean and clear fire. The gel fuel also proves to be an economical option. If you feel like turning down the flame you can comfortably do so by simply covering it. The fire will die on its own. The fuel remaining in the pit can be reused the next time.

The Flame Table comes in two unique sizes of large and medium. The height of both the sizes is the same being 11.5 inches. The medium one is 31.5 inches wide and 21.5 inches deep while the large one is 42 inches wide and 29 inches deep.It is available at $3500.

One word of caution – do be careful if you have small children or pets in your house.

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