Zipper Bracelet Watch Design

Talk about unique and funky LED watches and the Zipper Bracelet Watch Design just fits in. To be honest, most of the LED watches we see are quite weird looking.

In fact, some of them are not even worth wearing. I mean imagine you are wearing a watch with numerous red, yellow, blue, and green lights on it, won’t it look strange? Of course it does and I guess that’s the only reason why the watch designers these days are looking towards designing more and more realistic watch designs. This is where the Zipper Bracelet watch comes in.

Designed by Andy from Ukraine, this bracelet watch is meant to be a heavy metal rock bracelet watch. Basically, the concept here is to design a watch that looks more like a bracelet or a wrist strap instead of a watch. I personally think Andy has achieved his goal because this watch looks nothing like a watch. And, when you read the time out to your friend looking at your bracelet, he would be quite astonished as to what you are exactly doing. That’s the best part about this watch!

This watch design has a broad leather strap and the zippers you can see on its display time. Now that’s the more fascinating part. You would be wondering how exactly can zippers show time? Well that’s the trick here. When you push the central buttons on the wrist each zip will display a single digit. If you combine all four numbers it will tell you the exact time. Check out the picture below which explains how exactly this watch works.

Currently we only have pictures of the straps being in white color. Although I personally think that they would look cooler in black, brown, and pink. Pink for ladies and of course brown and black for guys. This can be the ultimate watch of the millennium if the designer plans on working on it a bit more. Anyways, right now, I guess we should appreciate Andy for this wonderful concept. Hats off Andy!

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Via: Tokyoflash