The Magnetic Polaframes

Would you like your photo to have a Polaroid look to them? Due to technological advancements, regular four  ‘’x six’’ photos these days sport a retro look. Venture one step further and make your photos look like old school Polaroid.

Polaframes are ingenious magnetic frames that help to stick your photos to your fridge or filing cabinet. Interestingly, chunky white borders on these Polaframes make the pics look like retro Polaroid. Moreover, they come with an erasable pen to enable you to write captions on the chunky lower border.

If needed, you can trim the edges of this photo frame. If you decide to write another caption, all you need to do is to erase and reuse at your will and pleasure. These magnetic Polaframes are reusable; you simply need to choose any normal photo, place the Polaframes on it. Write your caption in the space below. Each pack comes with half a dozen frames and a marker.

Yes, each Polaframes pack has six magnetic frames and one white board marker which is eraser tipped and sports a magnetic cap. Each frame measures 9 cm wide and 11 cm high.

If you have missed out on the spontaneity and fun of instant photography, here is your chance to have some fun with these magnetic picture frames that make standard photos look Polaroid. Not many of us have forgotten the charm and wonder of the Polaroid. A few years back, the Polaroid cameras were a rage amazing all and sundry with its brilliance. With a little advancement in techniques of photography, now we have the magnetic Polaframes which help to add a tint of retro to your snaps.

These Polaframes add the magic of the magnets too, to make it convenient to stick your pictures on fridges, cupboards, wardrobes cabinets, and so on. With the fascinating, erasable marker to aid you, give vent to your imagination and doodle retro styled images on the frames. It’s just great for sepia memories.

The Polaframes come in attractive packages. Have immense fun with family and friends this festive season, taking snaps and framing the magnetic Polaframes way, to give them a truly retro look. It is available at £9.99icon.

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