The 8-Bit Watch

Who says that the black and white era has gone? We still wear and appreciate accessories that come with the black and white theme. To be honest, if it’s about fashion accessories, they look quite decent. And with this in mind, let me present to you the magnificent 8-bit watch.

This is one watch that I would describe as not only being spectacular but also a watch which brings back the fashion of the 80s. We all loved the watches back then didn’t we? I mean at least they are better than those weird LED watches.

Honestly speaking I hate most of the watch designs we see today especially the LED ones. I mean watches are meant to be simple yet classy fashion accessories. I do agree that sports watches should have a plethora of features because the athletes need it, but when it comes to a decent watch for a formal night out, trust me you’ll find yourself in a mess trying to make the selection. Bulgy and weird looking watches is all we have nowadays around us. At this point, I miss my colleague who always used to whine about how cool the world was back in the 80s. The ‘rock’ trend was on, people could have kept weird hairstyles with everyone appreciating them. Things like watches, cars, and rings used to be so classy and elegant. Where did all of that go? Well, I don’t really know, but what I know is that we are not the only ones who whine about all that. I guess pretty much everyone knows it and that is the reason we see such stuff coming up every now and then.

Yup, this 8-Bit Watch is one such product that has been made keeping in mind the old school fashion of watches. It looks ultimately cool yet decent at the same time. It has stainless steel face and ABS band and is available in black or white theme. The best part is that it is just available for $69.99 so you shouldn’t even think twice while giving it a try. Once you try it, trust me you won’t feel like wearing any other watch!

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