One Line Watch Concept is Stylish, Artistic, and Elegant!

Modern watch design concepts are truly innovative and amazing.  Thanks to the designers, ubiquitous analog watches too have now become either fashionable or geekier multifunctional accessories.  Here is One Line Watch Concept Design by Sam who hails from Germany; he has turned watch into a stylish bracelet with single curved line on the dial and in a single word this design concept is truly ELEGANT!

one line watch design1

One Line Watch is essentially a simple analog watch which looks like a stylish bracelet. Beauty and true elegance lie in the single curved line that acts as two watch hands of the watch. The line seems like an artistic stroke and part of bracelet design, unless told it doesn’t look like a watch at all. The thicker end is the hour hand and thinner is minute’s hand. The display is not marked and is indistinguishable from the strap except that it lights up in the dark (translucent). It will be interesting to have a watch with only a curved line that changes shape every minute.

one line watch design2

Of course busy souls won’t be able to track time in minutes and seconds but I will definitely like to have a watch with hands that take a shape of smiling curve at times and will make Time smile at me. I hope this artistic and elegant bracelet watch will be available soon.

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