Robovie II Helps You With Your Grocery Shopping

The ease and facility of online shopping has no doubt helped us a lot in our daily life by saving a lot of our time and energy. But, loading your cans of beer or frozen foods in your shopping cart directly from the store is always a better option. You get to see so many things, spend some quality time, meet some different people and get some fresh air. But especially for elderly people, it is really a very tough job.


To make your grocery shopping more entertaining and convenient, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) has introduced the robotic assistant – The Robovie-II. All you need to is feed in your shopping list using a specialized mobile device. On reaching the store, the sensors actively and automatically detect the mobile device and the list is transmitted to the robot.

Robovie-II helps you with your grocery shopping

Robovie-II not only helps you with your shopping, but is no doubt an entertaining companion at the store too. This robotic assistant is capable of greeting you by your name, reminds and recommends you too regarding the items in your purchase list. In addition to carrying your shopping basket, this child sized robotic assistant is also capable of remarking on some occasions and moments too regarding the items.

It is really a fun shopping with this great robotic assistant – The Robovie-II. For elderly people, it might be like shopping with their grandchild with so much of fun and talking with Robovie-II. For more robotic assistants like the Robovie-II, check out with the Robotic Dog and the Pink Gundam Robot.

Via: [Pink Tentacle]