Dragonfly Camera Takes You Back in Time

What you are looking at is not a fake camera design, it is a real pinhole camera designed from Aluminum, acrylic, steel and to add that personal feel, some relics and insects. If you read through the text on the camera you would understand the reason it is called a Dragonfly Camera.



The designer, boyofblue, likes to work with pinhole cameras, which have no lens and no new age chips, and thus this camera captures the moment as it is, and the photo is a pure reflection of the moment at that point in time. Take a look at some pictures taken from this camera…

taj mahaltara dragonfly photo

This Dragonfly Camera has been specially designed to study and photograph time segments of children. You can look at some more pictures taken by the Dragonfly Camera by visiting boyofblue, where you can also look at some more pictures of the camera and view it in 3D.



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