Siren Personal Safety Ring Warns Aggressors to Keep Their Distance

Staying safe while walking on the street at night proves to get more and more difficult, particularly for unaccompanied women. The Siren ring is a piece of wearable tech that means to solve that.

The Siren ring manages to combine a very functional alarm with a stylish piece of jewelry. Stopping assaulters on their tracks is a lot easier when it is done with an inconspicuous device such as this ring. Sure, there are plenty of personal safety devices out there, but not many of them come in handy as this wearable alarm.

Kat Alexander, founder and CEO of Siren, pointed out that “We want to find a way that this is accessible across social strata. It’s not meant to be a high-end product, but the cost does make it more challenging to offer at a discounted rate. We would like to align with women’s organizations and networks fighting sexual violence against women. It’s not that we’re putting the responsibility for safety back on the woman, but it’s good [to have protection]. You can get on board with campaigns that educate men and also get on board with being proactive.”

Activating the Siren Ring is quite easy, actually. Upon rotating the face of the ring, a piercing sound gets emitted through its small holes. It would probably be better to direct the ring at the aggressor in order not to pierce your own eardrums in the process of defending yourself.

It’s a bit peculiar that Alexander wouldn’t mention the technical specs of the Siren Ring. For the time being, it is not known how loud the alarm gets and how many decibels it has. Considering that it does have electronic components, there also must be some sort of battery to power it up. Alexander declined to say how the ring charges or how much it lasts on a full charge. According to her, all these details are kept secret in order to protect wearers better.

The Siren ring is available on the company’s website for $249, but if you live in the US, you can get a 10% discount and free shipping for a limited time. Take advantage of this offer if you’re looking for a way to stay safe. You can choose from six different versions that come either in gold or silver with various gemstones. In time, the price of the jewel should drop, but only if the product is successful.

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