The Mogul DJ Style Headphones

One of the best gifts from inventors has definitely been the headphones. How much noisy and busy your day is, a pair of earphones plugged to your ears can help you transport yourself to a much more peaceful place where you will be all by yourself. It was not until 1958 that John Koss invented the first stereo headphones designing it specifically for the purpose of listening to music with stereo recordings. This headphone was marketed as part of a package of a whole audio system that included a phonograph, speakers, and this headphone. Being marketed, the headphones became an instant success and emerged out to be the first commercially feasible highly dependable headphones.

Soon after Koss’s invention, companies in Japan took up the same basic design and started to manufacture headphones in their own innovative ways. But Koss continued in investing to refine the headphones invented by him and landed in creating the first electrostatic headphones. Providing better playback quality, headphones of smaller sizes were introduced which were made possible due to advancements in technology. All these developments paved way for a major modification in this industry. Sony, in the 1980s, came out with the portable music player, walkman, which included smaller supra aural earphones.

But the changes and developments did not stop there. Earbud headphones, canalphones, wireless headphones, etc. have been a great success all throughout. Well, what is making news these days are the Mogul DJ Style Headphones from iFrogz.

At a price of $69.99, the headphones prove their worth to be owned which even fold up that makes them very convenient to carry during travel. The mogul has 50mm speaker drivers built in them and hence deliver awesome deep bass and the highs listened to are unaltered and vocals are super clear. The earphones are covered with a padded band and thick pillow like AeroFoam cushions which make them all the more comfortable to use and avoid unnecessary noise. The hinges are loaded with spring and hence they easily fit any head. The current flow in the alternating circuit, measures up to 32 ohms and the decibel sensitivity rate is 116 dB. With a 10-30,000 Hz of frequency response, it is pretty sure that the Mogul headphones can provide the user with the best of quality.

Not to forget, one most important factor one would look for in a headphone is the length of its chord. The more the length, the more satisfied the user is. Well, the Mogul earphones come with a chord as long as a meter and a half. The plug type is 3.5mm and so the headphone is compatible with the iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, and any device with a 3.5mm jack.

The most interesting part of the headphones is the color variance it comes with. The Blue and Magenta combination is the most attractive and appealing while the Snow Machine and Stealth are equally stylish. Grab these headphones with a touch of the 80’s, coupled with modern design and gain your ultimate listening experience.

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