These Hex Watch Bands are Cool!

We all know that recently there has been a new trend of creating your iPod into a wrist watch. We have already reported about several wrist watch straps that have been made available to the masses and a lot of them are still to come.

You cannot deny the fact that to date, all the straps that we have reported about were quite cool. But, they were all straps right? This is what makes the Hex Watch bands special. These are not just bands, but are a complete protection package for your iPod.

Most of the bands you get for the iPod are just bands, which means that when you attach your iPod to them, it is still exposed to dust and damages. But these Hex straps are different. They are not just straps but I would say they are proper gadgets to make sure your iPod is safe from damages and dirt and at the same time, you can use it as well. Yup, first off, the Hex straps have a pop-in and pop-out design which means that there is a box like structure on the strap in which you have to insert your iPod.

These straps are made of silicon and they also have integrated control buttons which means that you won’t have to detach your iPod every time you want to use it. Moreover, there is also an audio port cover which lets you attach the earphones to the iPod while it is on the straps.

That is not all, if you really want to see how cool these straps can look then check out the pictures. Compared to most of the straps we have seen till now, these Hex straps look quite cool. However, if you don’t really want to wear a hefty watch, then these might not be the ones for you. But if you really like the idea of converting your iPod into a watch, then there can’t be anything better than these straps. Besides, they are available right now just for $24.95 so you might want to grab them before the prices shoot up!

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Via: Walyou