The NanoWatch

We all like the new iPod don’t we? It’s cute, it’s small, and it’s cool to carry around. But with smaller size comes bigger problems such as taking care of your iPod. It is so small that at times it might slip out from your pocket and you might realize it. Of course you don’t want to lose a gadget costing you $200 do you?

Absolutely no! Nobody would want that and especially if the gadget is something like the iPod. So what should you do? How about you carry your iPod in a way that it is always in your sight and there are no chances of losing it? I guess that’s the only solution to the problem. And, if you agree with, me then this NanoWatch concept is for you!

Although we have had iPod wrist watch straps in the past as well, this one is a bit different. Basically the concept here is to provide your iPod Nano a safe place to hang on while you are on the move without compromising on the style. Yup, the main purpose is ‘the style’ factor. If you remember, most of the iPod straps we have seen till now were really dumb and boring, but this one is not. The color themes of these straps and the quality used will make your iPod look funkier and cooler. If you think I am boasting here then check out the pictures yourself and see how cool the iPod Nano looks with these straps.

Here are some specifications about the product:

• Clip your iPod Nano to the NanoWatch strap

• Take advantage of Nike ID

• Keep your Nano safe while you’re out and about

• Use your Nano as a wristwatch

• 100% eco-friendly materials, absolutely no phthalates

• Colors available: Blue, Grey, Pink

• Note: The NanoWatch does not come with an iPod Nano. You must provide your own Nano.

So what are you thinking of now? If you are a Nano owner, then I suggest you should immediately get your hands onto this one. Nothing could be better than utilizing your beloved iPod as a cool watch especially when it is just for $19.99.

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