Glyph Buckle Watch Concept

Day by day, we are seeing much better LED watches coming up to the surface. While not all of them are good, some of them truly catch our eyes. Here is a good example of what a nice and chic LED watch should look like.

This one is called the Glyph Buckle Watch Concept. As the name implies, the watch is a representation of Glyptic art blended with the current fashion needs and of course some necessary features. The watch design was presented by Devindh from the UK for Tokyoflash.

What’s particularly good about the watch is the way it looks and the way it has incorporated futuristic features in an ancient looking design. The golden dial with two black stripes that display time along with the crocodile skin type leather straps is a good combination that definitely makes the watch look exquisite. The main case is designed like a buckle with 2 straps from the cuff. Seconds are denoted by raised dots and hours are represented by 12 raised bars. The arrows on the black stripes point to the seconds that has 5 divisions.

Each of the rows has 5 dots on the left and the arrow points to one row at a time to display seconds. This arrow has five bars and they illuminate one by one until 15 minutes have passed. Similarly, the right side arrow denotes hours by simply illuminating against the bar. Look at the picture below to get an idea.

The way this watch works is a bit complicated compared to most of the LED watches we have seen in the recent past. However, once you learn it, things will get easier. To be honest, I would compromise on the difficulty factor against the style factor. The watch looks extraordinary. In these days, there is a trend of wearing leather watches that look old school. The watch combines modern features with an old school looking leather watch to give you one hell of a fashion accessory!

The good part is that this watch doesn’t leave you desiring for more. It is one fashion accessory that you would love to wear.

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