Can You Make a Concrete Mix Mortar Bulb?

So you are looking for a hook that is concrete and can withstand all your heavy apparels such as your leather jackets, velvet blazers, and so on. Although I know that you already have one sturdy hook in your room to hang your stuff on, trust me once it is overloaded, it can break apart.

So what can you do about it? I suggest you follow the footsteps of this Virginia based dude called Whamodyne. What he came up with is something quite cool. Well even like us, he wanted to create a sturdy and tough hook to hang his stuff on and was quite tired of trying out nearly everything he could try.

So what did he do?

Unlike us, this dude decided to be a little creative to design a hook that is strong and will not damage the apparel once it is hung on it. How? Simply by creating the face of the hook round instead of keeping it pointed. Now here is what this dude did – he took a light bulb and filled it with mortar mix concrete. Once the mortar was dry, he broke the glass off and what remained was a concrete mortar mix round hook that can be mounted up on the wall and his clothes could be hung on it. Isn’t that something really simple? Actually it is simple but I wonder why we don’t get such ideas. I guess that is what they mean by ‘creative people.’

So the point here is that with a little creativity, even you can make something that will make the world go all wow! Look at this thing, I mean it’s so easy to make but most of us I am sure never even thought about it. Not only as hooks, you can even utilize this concrete bulb for a plethora of other purposes such as paint them and use them as colored bulbs or something else. Everything is possible only if you’ll be a little creative. Hats off to you Whamodyne, great work there!

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