The Robot Mannequin Helps You Buy Perfectly Fitting Clothes Online

A particular shirt looks wonderful on an online store. “But do you think it will fit me?” Keeping your fingers crossed you complete the transaction and eagerly wait for its delivery to you doorstep. If you are lucky, you will get a perfect fit but as in many cases, you get to discover that the medium size of one brand is actually the small size for another. You end up wasting your money and effort and are left disappointed.

No wonder only 7 per cent of apparel purchase is done online compared to 50 per cent for computers and 61 per cent for books. This might not be the case anymore if the Robot Mannequin comes to your help.

The Robot Mannequin is a shape fitting mannequin that has been especially designed to aid all those people out there wishing to purchase clothes online. Inform this robot about your body specifics like height, chest, arm length, torso, and all other required information. Once done you can see the mannequin take your body shape on which you can comfortably try out the shirt you wish to purchase. Take a front view, a side view, and even a close up of every part. It is almost like taking a trial of a shirt at a store. After all it is important to try a shirt before buying it to get the perfect fit.

The mannequin has been designed by, an Estonian start-up. With this creation, they claim to be capable of solving one of the greatest problems of online apparel purchase. For the moment, this facility is only available for the male shoppers. The mannequin has been created by using scientific algorithms, and is based on over 30,000 3D male body scans. The entire figure is a collection of a number of small pieces put together which shift into 2000 different body shapes. That is an amazing number of male body shapes, which is sure not to leave anyone disappointed.

From the retailer’s point of view also, this will come as a welcome change in the online shopping scene. Customers get to try apparels which will make them more certain about their purchase. This will not only increase online sales, but will also reduce the apparel return rates.

With the launch of this facility for women, there is sure going to be a major jump in apparel sales. But that might take some time as creating a female robot mannequin will not be a very easy task. For now, it is all for males.

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Via: Cnet