Geeky Sensible Clothing that Senses your Stretches

These sensible clothes help you to achieve the perfect fit no matter what as a result of endeavors by the highly creative team at Aeolia. These clothes incorporate the Merlin Stretch Sensor, which means that the garment actually senses the wearers movements. The data that the sensor collects is used to adjust the appearance of the clothing and communicate with other similar garments and the environment.

The project is called ‘Aeolia‘ with the purpose to explore concepts of our bodily engagement with the land and ideas of space and place.
Each of the back forms incorporate the Merlin stretch sensor into an aesthetic exploration of textile technique mapped to the body – weave (grey), knit (white) and embroidery (black).

textile stretch sensor clothes

The creators of this technology have experimented with three different kinds of materials, the weave, the knit and the embroidered. They used standard materials like a Bekaert yarn for the knit. These materials then use a sensor that is based on the change in length of the path of conduction. The Merlin Stretch Sensor then measures various parameters like the displacement, force, compression and the stretch by acting like a varying resistor (which means that the resistance increases with stretch). The sensor is essentially a cord with a pair of electrical fixings which are attached at both ends.

stretch sensor clothes

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Via: Talk2my Shirt