Bring Ants Indoors with AntWorks

You will hardly get someone who loves ants or won’t mind when these little creatures nibble away your favorite pizza or get all over your socks. Though you may want to keep the ants at more than an arms’ length, there’s no denying the hard working nature of ants.


According to some research, ants can lift up to 20 times their body weight, and can even communicate with each other to achieve a common objective. If you would love to view these little creatures at work from close quarters, the AntWorks – a miraculous gel developed by a NASA Space experiment, will serve your purpose.


This gel will act both as the habitat for ants and provide them nutrition. As the ants turn a brick of aqua-blue gel into their colony of tunnels, working at their own sweet pace, you can stay close to them, watching how they carry on with their work. What’s more, you can arrange for the LEDs of the base to change from one color to the next, and even pause it on your favorite color. So, bring the AntWorks home today to see ants weave magic in their colony – all in front of your eyes and all for just $39.99.

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