Beach Ball Light Fixtures Are the Perfect Summery Decorations for Your Kitchen

Now that summer is here, we should feel it not only when we’re outdoors. Decorations such as these beach ball light fixtures definitely could bring a touch of color in any kitchen, while also making our lives more joyful.

Created by TOBYhouse, an UK-based company that invents and manufactures innovative decorations, these beach ball lights are meant to give your home an estival touch even in the harshest of winters.

While these may look like regular beach balls that have simply been repurposed, they are in fact custom made using ultrasonic welded 200 micron PVC. The transparent window and extra screw that these beach ball light fixtures are equipped with ensure the easy insertion of the lighting element before inflation. To put it together, you will need a bicycle pump and a power outlet. The balls measure 44cm in diameter when inflated, so make sure you have plenty of room before buying them.

These light fixtures are based on 6 Watt, 540 lumen, cold LED bulbs that have several advantages. First of all, they are superior to CFL bulbs, both technologically and ecologically. Secondly, they do not emit heat, so there is no danger of the outer shell melting. Not at last, these bulbs are fully replaceable and have an extremely long life.

In case you don’t like these beach balls hanging from the ceiling, you have the option of placing them on the floor. For this scenario, some sort of stand made out of sponge is provided to make sure that the balls don’t roll away. The height they’re hanging at can be easily adjusted, as they come with a 3m cable. The downside is that you will have to decide which you like most when you make the purchase, as they are not convertible.

TOBYhouse designed these beach ball lights to hold the hair in for prolonger periods of time, but if at some point you notice that they’re not properly inflated, you can easily solve that by using the bicycle pump again.

These decorative lights are currently on sale at for £90 (around $150), which might seem like a bit of a steep price. Still, you should take into consideration the innovation factor that these light fixtures have, and the joy they can make you feel all year round.

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