A Diamond Weather Station made of Swarovski Crystals

I am sure every one of us has had the bad experience of the unreliable weather ruining our day and our plans. More than that, the traditional weather forecasters and their boring way of portraying weather patterns put us into a gloomy mood all the time. Well, now we have these cheerfully dazzling Swarovski Crystals packed into a Diamond Weather Station, forecasting our weather in beautiful colors, like red for sunny, blue for cloudy and green for the rainy day that we will step out into.

Weather Station

This Diamond Weather Station has several cool features like a remote sensor to transmit temperatures –  both indoors and outdoors, and precision time auto-synced with the Naval atomic clock. A magical wave of your hand over the station can switch it to different modes. Looks like we might have cheerful times even if the weather is bad outside after all.

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Via: Popgadget