Light-Up Bras: Celebrating Womanhood Worldwide

If you have the figure, why not flaunt it. So far there has been lot of research in the fashion industry to make you look perfect and more attractive. Starting from OLED Dresses to Paper Cut Hats and Fruity Watches to Trendy Clutches – all has added up to our fashion runway. But the one that is definitely going to hit the stage are the huge collection of Light-Up Bras.

EL Wire Illuminated Bras

These huge collections of illuminated under garments by Janet Hansen are not just a general try to enhance your cleavage, but to add some thing more. Bras, so far has been an under the garment concept, but these huge collection of glittering one’s are just great to be an outfit itself. The light-up bra comes in different shapes, colors and looks – just to fit every woman. On the other hand, there are single rows or multiple rows of LEDs, while some are mounted on feathers and some others are featured with flickering animation.

Feathered Illuminated Bra

The light-up bras draw the power from a single battery of capacity 9V that can be kept hidden in an under-arm pocket or inside the cup. An additional on/off switch helps you to select the modes between dark and light, while other parts are carefully concealed inside the lining or padding of the bra. So, you never feel like you are actually wearing any electrical gadget and the light-up bras are no less in comfort then the usual ones. The large collection of illuminated bras are not only available to fit almost every mood, but also adds up to your beauty. The collection of illuminated bras from Janet Hansen’s illuminated clothing is a perfect way to celebrate Woman and Womanhood. Choose from the Light-Up Bra Collection to find the fittest one for you.

Illuminated Bras