The Groegg Color Changing Thermometer

Ever wished that daily use gadgets can be made slightly different in some way to alleviate monotony? Here’s one such gadget- the Groegg color changing digital thermometer.

Sleep is something we never give much of a thought to, despite our daily rat race. We never think of sleep as something more important than a rejuvenator. On those nights we feel immensely uncomfortable; we just toss and turn, rolling about in bed. If it gets too cold, we pull on additional socks or make a beeline for the binary blanket. On hot sticky nights, we discard both binary blankets and socks.

But have you ever given any though to your baby? How uncomfortably hot or cold he or she might be feeling? It’s your responsibility as parents to maintain your baby’s room at the perfect temperature for utmost comfort and safety.

The Groegg color changing digital room thermometer has been specially and innovatively designed to help maintain a safe sleeping environ for your baby. Medical research has specifically proven that sudden infant death syndrome can be prevented by maintaining a child’s room temperature at 61-67degrees F.

It’s amazing to watch how the Groegg color changing digital room thermometer works. It glows yellow when the room temperature is maintained within 61-67 degrees and it changes color if the specified temperature is not maintained. This alerts you to take action promptly by either cooling or heating up the room, or else, even adjusting the baby clothing accordingly.

This digital room thermometer even doubles up as a lovely and adorable night light. The Groegg color changing digital thermometer is simple to use. It helps to maintain the baby’s room temperature between 61 to 67 degrees F to help lower the possibility or risk of sudden death syndrome. This is a digital room thermometer with permanent back lit LCD read out. It doubles up as a soft night light too. The pack includes a power adaptor and instructions on how to use the gadget and a safe sleep guide too.

It is vitally important that every baby home should have a Groegg room thermometer for use to aid you in monitoring the temperature of your baby’s room. While a yellow glow suggests a very comfortable temperature, a blue one suggests that it is too cold for the baby and a red one suggests that the temperature is too high. It is available at $34.99.

The Groegg color changing room thermometer allows your baby to sleep in safety and to grow up in style.

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