Matryoshka Doll Headphones: Cooler than Earrings

Move over Skull Candy and Apple, there is a new set of headphones that is taking the world by storm! This outrageous declaration is in relation to the latest Matryoshka Doll Headphones which are the cutest and funkiest ear related accessories since earrings!Matryoshka Doll Headphones Cooler than Earrings

Wondering why these incredible head phones have such a tongue twister for a name? The Matryoshka Doll Headphones design has been modeled around and has drawn inspiration from the Matryoshka doll or, Babushka doll which is a Russian nesting doll. These headphones, which are miniature versions of the original Matryoshka doll has incredible detailing, complete with tiny pink and red flowers. The Matryoshka Doll Headphones apart from just looking more appealing than most of the headphones flooding the market,make songs sound amazing just like the Mogul DJ Style Headphones and makes a bold fashion statement like the Fur Music Headphones and also come with two sets of silicone tips, a standard size for adults and a small size for children who are six years old or more, making these headphones user friendly for both geeky teenagers who love Russian handicrafts and children as well. The Matryoshka Doll Headphones are also compatible with any device with a standard 35mm headphone socket and that includes mp3 players, computers, laptops, gaming systems, smart phones, iPods and iPhones.

Matryoshka Doll Headphones Cooler than Earrings 2

If you are a music lover and you are in the mood to accessorize and draw attention to your ears, you are sure to go Gaga over the Matryoshka Doll Headphones, because let’s face it, no other headphones are as cool, classic, unique or even capable of adding as much ‘oomph’ to your music personality!

Via: Geekalerts