Dismount Washer – a hassle free way to wash clothes

How often have we moaned about the excess space used by our washing machines and yet not wan to do away with it for the fear of mixing our clothes with others in a public one? If this is the story of your life as well, then you will definitely find this new product interesting and useful.

Dismount washer is one of the final eight designs to be selected in the Electrolux Design Lab Competition and it truly changes the way in which you will view washing machines in the future.

The small and simple design ensures both space conservation and hygiene without compromising on cleaning.

In other words, this machine is like having your own small yet personal tub for washing clothes, which fits onto an energy stick on the wall.

The high pressure steam created by this energy stick helps in washing these clothes and the front of this washer has a touch screen display, which allows you to choose the menu that suits your needs the best.

So, there’s no more complaints with this dismount washer at hand to clean your clothes.

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Via: Yanko Design