Do It Yourself Dress Design

Have you ever seen a fashion dress that was just perfect, but the colors just didn’t match your style or fashion? Who hasn’t? Anyways, a certain designer realized the problem and designed a do it yourself dress where you can color it based on your desire. Wait, there is more…it is interchangeable, granting you different designs in one.

do it yourself dress design

Designed by Berber Soepboer & Michiel Schuurman, the DIY dress is a designer dress where individuals can color it with special markers in the color combination they desire and find fashionable. With so many color combination and different designs, women can paint within the different patterns on the dress and have a truly colorful or minimalistic dress.

This same dress also has many buttons on it which provide different folds for the dress design. Besides the obvious dynamic dress, it also grants women the power to color areas in different combinations, so they could change attire and design by just unbuttoning certain areas and fastening them at another. It is like having two dresses in one.

diy dress design

It is a great concept that similar to the Zipper Dress, providing the ability for different dress styles within one specific article of clothing.