Tasty Hello Kitty Bento Lunchbox Art

So many people love Hello Kitty, and it is great to see another version of the lovable cat within an artistic Bento Lunchbox that both looks cute and yummy at the same time.

hello kitty bento lunchbox

This specific Bento lunch by Mamichan has full of so many different vegetables (and some sausage) and could be a really healthy Hello Kitty food item, which could in turn entice many girls to eat healthier. It includes Pancetta and Swiss chard, Brussels sprout saute, and also a mixture of onions, green beans, carrots, red peppers, lamb sausage with tomato and harissa.

The only problem would be whether they would actually eat it or believe it is too cute and would try to just keep it for as long as possible; then the problem would be the smell of decaying food.

This makes a great durable item, but for other cute non-durable products, check out the Hello Kitty Lunchbox to carry the Bento art inside, the Hello Kitty Necklaces which are made from old Aluminum cans or even the wonderful Hello Kitty Rubik’s Cube.