5 Electronic Board Games For Family Fun Night

I have personally always enjoyed a good game night with friends and family. Whether the board games are new or old, I think there’s always something that everyone can agree on to play, depending on how competitive your family/friends happen to be. The latest iteration of games, however, have made the transition from board to electronic, and in many places the style and gameplay is completely streamlined. This helps to cut down on setup time and break down time, and also lessens the chance that you’ll be trying to play a game with a number of vital missing pieces. Here are some of our personal favorites.

The Virtual Assist Dartboard

I have always enjoyed a good game of darts while out at the bar, but keeping track of the scoring system can be a bit of a pain. This is even more true after you have consumed a couple of cold ones, but thankfully the virtual assist dartboard is here to save the day. The assist comes in whenever you toss a dart and hit a particular section, which will immediately illuminate. The electronic board also uses LED lights to help you calculate the score quickly and easily. If regular darts aren’t enough for you,  the board comes with a variety of game modes including Count Up, Blackjack, and Treasure Hunt. The latter seems to be the most intriguing, with players battling it out to find secret treasures hidden on the board somewhere.

Electronic Scrabble

I always thought Scrabble was a great game right up until you go against someone who was an English major that pops out words you would have never even dreamed of. Setup can also be a bit of a pain with getting all of the letters organized and ready to go. Electronic Scrabble removes the need for a board or letter blocks, however, so you can focus on the honored past time of sifting through a dictionary to find out if forgagglylump is in fact somewhere in the English language. Here’s a hint: It isn’t. You only need 5 letter tiles to get started, so you can bang out a game if you’re low on time without a problem.

Customized Photo Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s cube has been a source of solo entertainment for well over a decade now, and it has gone through a number of changes throughout that period. Still, most people are in one of two camps: Those who solve it and those who don’t. The customized photo rubik’s cube gives you some incentive to get that puzzle done, and besides it is fun just to have around to display a few of your favorite pictures.

Monopoly: Electronic Banking Addition

This has to be one of the most welcomed improvements made to a classic board game… well ever. Depending on the intensity of your Monopoly matches, keeping track of all that money was a bit of a pain. Sometimes, bills would slip and slide around and get lost or misappropriated from the bank occasionally. To help solve that problem, Parker Brothers was smart enough to come up with this Monopoly: Electronic Banking edition, which keeps all of your money tracked and saved in a convenient electronic format. You can pay others, buy property, manage your bankroll, etc. all with the swipe of your provided card. Die hard Monopoly fans may be a bit intimidated by the introduction of the electronic equipment, but once you get the hang of it I guarantee you will never go back. Seriously, it is just that much of an improvement over the original game there isn’t much reason to.

Boggle Flash: Wordsmith

Boggle has been a popular game amongst both kids and adults for a pretty long time now, and it is easy to see why. The game play is simply yet deceivingly interesting. While the original Boggle wasn’t that complicated to begin with, Boggle Flash: Wordsmith does help streamline the game even further. You will immediately notice the similarities here between this and Electronic Scrabble, and for good reason.  Boggle’s noticeable difference, however, is in the introduction of a time limit, and the flash version can be played anytime, anywhere in short order. I’m not sure this replaces the original game, per se, but it would be great fun for trips.