Felix the Cat Returns as a Wonderful New Clock

Among the oldest and most popular ever cartoon characters Felix returns again, now, to tell you the time. This  clock is made to look like the black and white cat from the silent film era, whose popularity was equal to none in the 1920’s.

felix the cat clock

His pointy ears, cute round nose and the loopy curl of his tail would definitely remind you of your younger days, when you probably saw Felix cartoons on TV. Moreover his big broad smile and the twinkle in his eye are bound to bring a smile to your face, and make you forget all your troubles, if only for a moment.

Felix the cat has disputable origins, with some giving credit to the American animator Otto Messner and some still believing it to be the work of Pat Sullivan. Whoever its creator and whatever be the history behind his creation, Felix continues till today to feature in various merchandise, from clothing to mugs to greeting cards, and lightens ones heart and brings the smile on.

This adorable clock is all yours for $39.99, and can be yours in time for Christmas. Also available in the clock department is the Cute Robot Clock or the huge collection of Cool Alarm Clocks.