Hello Kitty Babydoll Shirt Makes You Want to Dance, Dance, Dance

Hello Kitty has been around for quite some time now, but new generations seem to still be following along with the iconic character. Hello Kitty swag is quite popular even amongst those who haven’t seen the show. Face it, the cat is just too damn cute not to want to buy her stuff. This Hello Kitty Babydoll shirt perfectly captures the Kitty spirit, and sports the red bow proudly.

As you can see, the shirt is entirely white with the hello kitty logo in all lowercase letters. The text is in jet black with the memorable bow adorning the end of the y. This would be a great gift for any fan of the show, and the price tag clocks in at $24.99. That is about what you would expect for a birthday gift near you, even if it is a little pricier than your average tee shirt. You want them to be happy, don’t you?

One t-shirt, though, likely isn’t enough to satisfy your Hello Kitty mania. Lucky for you, we have featured a fairly wide array of Hello Kitty items here at Gadgether, and I’ll link a few for you. You can get everything in one place with this extensive list of must have items for Hello Kitty Fans, but why not do some exploring. My own personal favorite are the Hello Kitty Stereo Earphones. Despite the high price tag, the earphones are just as conspicious as you would like. Enough for a fellow fan to recognize, to be sure, but not over the top in your face fandom. If over the top is what you are in the market for, consider the Hello Kitty chainsaw. Practical? Absolutely not, but you can’t argue that it isn’t unique, and you can show off your Hello Kitty swag to all of your lumberjack friends.