Hydra – the trendy new glossy piano design

Designer Apostol Tnokovski went all out in designing this new look for a piano, and calls it Hydra. The Hydra has a unique glossy curvaceous look, set in black and white.

A hydra in Greek mythology is a serpent-like multiple-headed sea monster, and in reality it is a cnidarian that lives in water – a real live organism. But, this is not what inspired the design of this Hydra. This Hydra idea popped out of a misplaced piano in a concert of the artist Lady Gaga, which the designer saw and was not very pleased with. The shape brings out the fluidity that the Hydra symbolize, being water bound creatures.

Some of us who are attached to the old piano models might consider this a radical change, because a normal piano somehow gives a nostalgic feeling. Nevertheless, you should always consider changing for the better, and staying in tandem with the new times.

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