Polpettek Multimedia Player Piggies look Groovy

No matter what designers come up with now, most designs are made to suit, or blend with or match the surroundings. Even gadgets, for example, this Polpettek Multimedia Player which seems to have been inspired by pigs for the design, is made to look this way to match decor in different places, as you can see in the pictures below.

Polpettek media player

This Polpettek Multimedia Player is an amazing mobile, ie., movable projector and speaker set, which can be set up in various surroundings and even be made to camouflage with your furniture as you see above. You can have the effect of a theater in your house and have your visitors wondering where all the effects are coming from! Yankodesign says that the piggy look of this multimedia player is meant to be anthropomorphic according to Designer – Eduardo Alessi. The multimedia player piggies have magnetic feet so they can be stacked up one onto the other to make a large speaker set, for more effects.

Polpettek 2
Polpettek projector

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Polpettek wifi speakers


Source: Yankodesign