Oberon LED Watch

Looking for some stunning wrist wear, then the Oberon LED watch is a definite must for all those watch lovers. The new S-Mode series from Oberon is an absolutely stunning watch, complete with a black mineral crystal lens for the face, which is great in contrast to the LEDs below it.

The body of the watch is made of IP coated stainless steel along with a linked strap, both black in color, again completely contrasting the white LED display. Reading time with the Oberon LED watch is very simple and can be done by touching the upper button once.

Weighing 150 grams and having case dimensions of 38 mm x 38 mm x 11 mm, this watch features three rings on display. The outermost shows the hour, the innermost shows the minutes by tens, and the one in between displays the minutes in single digits, ranging from 1-9. Date is also viewed similarly by pressing the same button twice. The watch comes complete with a user manual, which can be downloaded from their website. Making an impression becomes easy with the new S-mode series from Oberon.

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Via: Tokyoflash Japan