Ice Cream Ball

Who doesn’t love ice cream!? Everyone does and that is exactly what makes this Ice Cream Ball so special. Remember those summer days when your kids go all crazy as soon as they spot an ice cream van? It might be exciting, but of course nobody wants to spend cash on something they can make at home.

In fact, making ice cream at home is more fun. And, if you want to take the initiative then this Ice Cream Ball is for you. The best part of all is when you can do all of this without any wires or sockets! Wouldn’t that be great fun? It sure would be…

This is one thing that will not only make the whole ice cream making process fun, but it will also make it easier. How does it work? It’s pretty simple – all you need to do is to put in all your ice cream ingredients in this ball with cram ice and play with the ball. Your ice cream will be ready in 20 minutes, and there you go! But of course, you need to take some precautions; you can’t play volleyball with it!

You will get perfect ice cream, but that depends on the ingredients you put in. If you are not good at making ice cream then I would suggest reading some recipes before opting for it. You don’t want to eat salty ice cream or ice cream that plainly doesn’t taste good, do you?

Here are some specifications of this ice cream ball:

– Never kick or drop the ball please

– Never use any metal spoon as it can scratch the container. Use wooden or plastic spoons.

– You get a recipe book, an instruction sheet, one opening tool, and of course, one ball in the package. The package is available for £24.99

How does it exactly work?

The functionality of this ball is based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which says that when two systems come in contact with each other their difference tend to even out. Now, when the cold ice comes in contact with the warmer cream mixture, the ice will start melting. It not only melts, but after some time it starts freezing again. In simple words, the ice melts, blends with the ingredients, and then, finally it freezes back giving you smoother ice cream!

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