The Interpol Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock is Intelligent and Impressive

It can be quite frustrating and intensely maddening when we are locked out of our own home. We might have forgotten our keys, or the keys are jammed, or the door just won’t budge. The high-end digital locks that are protected by passwords can also play truant if you forget the password or if there is a problem with the keypad.

We have an exciting, next generation lock that seems straight out of a James Bond movie. The Interpol biometric fingerprint door lock (the name itself should impress you), is a safe secure door lock that requires neither keys nor memory to remember passwords. It uses the owner’s unique fingerprint to unlock the door.

Fingerprint door lock 1

Years of research and testing, coupled with millions of dollars spent in development, led to the birth of the Interpol biometric fingerprint door lock. With this highly intelligent door lock, the owner will always gain entry while the thieves stay out.

Fingerprint door lock 2

The Interpol door lock looks like a normal door lock. It has an elongated rectangular frame with a curved lever jutting out. The similarity with regular door locks ends here.

Fingerprint door lock 3

The interior of the fingerprint lock is fitted with an 8-chip fingerprint processor circuit. The processor runs a patented fingerprint identification algorithm that instantly identifies the owner’s fingerprint, regardless of the angle in which the finger is placed. The processor circuit is protected by a dust proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, and antistatic design that guarantees stability and reliability.

Fingerprint door lock 4

One of the best features of this next generation lock is its fingerprint scanner. You may have read about fingerprint devices that stop functioning or fail to read fingerprints after constant usage. Property owners would have no such complain with the Interpol biometric fingerprint door lock.

Fingerprint door lock 5

Featuring a radical new display technology known as Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating, the fingerprint door lock does not face any of the problems commonly associated with fingerprint readings. PVD technology is a self-cleaning surface that eliminates any chance of a failed or false fingerprint reading. Experts claim that the error rate is under 0.0001%

Fingerprint door lock 6

The Interpol fingerprint lock is intelligent, reliable, and tough as a tusker too. With a heavy gauge cast steel body, the lock is virtually impenetrable like an army tank.

Fingerprint door lock 7

Considering its heavy-duty body and intelligent processing circuit, owners would find the Interpol door lock as easy to use as a regular door lock.

Fingerprint door lock 8

Though priced at $300, if you wish to keep your property safe and secure, the next generation Interpol lock would definitely impress you.

This is indeed a smart way to keep away thieves from your house. Also, go through Portable Spotlight and Wall Mounted Hand Hook.