Juicy Couture’s Limited Edition Puzzle Cube

What exactly is a puzzle cube? It is a unique and creative modification on the original Rubik’s cube, a 3D mechanical puzzle invented way back in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and Professor of Architecture, Erno Rubik. Till date, over three hundred and fifty million puzzle cubes have been sold worldwide, making it the world’s top selling puzzle game.In a classic puzzle cube, each of the six pieces is covered by nine stickers, and colors used are mostly traditional white, red, blue, orange, green, and yellow.

In the limited edition puzzle cube, a pivot mechanism helps each piece to turn independently, mixing up colors effectively. To solve the puzzle, each face must be a solid color.

Now, the limited edition puzzle cube brought out by Juicy Couture is a totally fantastic and creative remake of the original Rubik’s cube. It is a rhinestone encrusted puzzle cube, which shimmers with every turn of the cube. It is priced at $68, and is a great gift for all who would love to enjoy a brain teaser on weekends.

Since its conception and release in the eighties, the puzzle cube has always remained either an enigma for some or a diversion for others. What exactly is so amazing about the puzzle cube? It is most definitely the simplicity of the challenge. Each face of the puzzle cube is broken into nine squares. Try twisting the cube in rows of three, moving the little colored squares around. The object of course, is to match all of the colors on each side of the puzzle cube. Sounds trivial, right? But can be frustrating when trying to solve it.

Trying to solve the puzzle cube in less than five minutes will not make you the most popular guy or gal at college or work, but it could help you in hustling up a few drinks with your pals around, and can pave the way for a great evening.

The puzzle cube is fun for all ages even though it is tough to master. But, no pain, no gain. Hence, have loads of fun the intellectual way and give your grey cells a lot of much needed exercise to hone up your intelligence. Do it the fun way, with Juicy Couture’s Limited Edition puzzle cube.

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