V-Cube 7 Supercubes: The Ideal Way to Give Your Brain Some Exercise

If you have always loved solving those 3 by 3 by 3 puzzle cubes and wished for some tougher problems to deal with, you can finally get your wish granted for V-Cube 7 Supercubes is here.

V-Cube 7 Supercubes

With 7 rows and columns of cubes that can be arranged in possible permutations of 1.95 x 10160 times, the V-Cube 7 Supercubes is probably the most complex cube that you have ever seen.

V-Cube 7 Supercubes-2

Given its mind-boggingly difficult patterns that call you brain to spend extra time devising ways to solve the same, this puzzle will serve as the ideal gift for your unquenched thirst for tough puzzles. You may even send it as a gift to your geek friends who are in love with puzzles and look for tough and challenging ones to beat for only $44.99.

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