Knitting Clock Design Makes Time Knit a Scarf in 365 Days

Time puzzles everyone with its constant movement ahead and life in the end just means a non-stop march of Time within which we live, smile and cry.  There seems no way to freeze Time or tame it but German designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen has created an awesome 365 Knitting Clock Design which creates a scarf at the end of the year.

knitting clock design1

365 Knitting Clock design was put on display at DMY International Design Festival in Berlin and one must say this concept of knitting machine working automatically as clock moves is one of the most innovative, creative and artistic ideas in recent times. Knitting needs perfection and precision and clock is one of the best precision instruments in the world. It is an awesome design for clock showing passage of Time and is also a cool knitting machine design.

knitting clock design2

The knitting clock is fitted with 48 needles, thread spool, thread holder and a roll of yarn. As each second passes into minutes, hours, days and finally a year a two meter long scarf gets knitted. The entire design looks like a clock itself except for the real dial there is a real scarf marking passage of Time.  Salvador Dali had showed timepiece melting away and here Time becomes perfectly woven thread.

knitting clock design3

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Via Design Milk