Math Geekcake to brighten your festive spirit

Whether you love your physics equations or lose the count of time while solving mathematical puzzles, it’s time now to look around you for there’s something on offer that brings the connection of particle physics and its allied sciences to different aspects of life.


If you are wondering what I am talking about, take a look at this geeky wedding cake of Jason Rieger who got married in August, 2004 to Leah Welty. No wonder that when physicists fall in love, even their wedding cake has something to do with symbols and equations, even though it may be too much to understand for common people. Nevertheless, this two tiered wedding cake having symbols and equations on its surface along with some sunflowers for company sets the perfect tone for the festivities. The bride and the bridegroom in their traditional wedding attire at the apex make it all the more sweet.

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Image Via: Geekcake