Magic Music Monkey Dances Along With You

Plain old USB speakers really just aren’t any fun. What you need is something that can appreciate your music as much as you do. Something along the lines of, say, a dancing primate. That’s right, this Magic Music Monkey easily connects to your USB port and will happily jam right along with you while he shakes his groove thang. I will admit, however, that he would probably be suited to happier music, and not the latest song from the Fray.

Thankfully, this little guy has a built in speaker. It may look like he’s wearing headphones, but don’t be fooled. You will be able to hear the music just as well as he can! He also comes equipped with a lengthy USB cord measuring 94cm. The audio cord runs 100cm. You will also need to employ the energizer bunny as the monkey needs AA batteries. For this pricey toy, clocking in at $84 USD, you would think they could cough up 2 little batteries. Alas, that is not the case, so head to your local electronics store in advance. Come to think of it, that would make for a great Energizer commercial. A little battery powered bunny helping to get a music monkey up and running? What enterprising consumer wouldn’t love to see that? I should work in marketing.

Then again, dancing monkeys aren’t the only fun you can have with your USB port. We have featured a number if different USB powered devices. This Digital Photo Mug lets you share your best pictures with all of your co workers, for example. If you don’t feeling away from nature, then setup this handy little USB aquarium. Your office may or may not let you setup your own fish tank at your desk, though.