SolidAlliance Crazy Earphones Put Food in Your Ears

I never really considered the idea that there could be a lot of potential creativity when it comes to designing a pair of headphones. I mean, when you think about it, most ear pieces are pretty straight forward. Sure, they might have a design etched into them or have a flashy design, but most of them look pretty much the same. Well SolidAlliance has managed to take everything you know about earphones and throw them out the window with this Crazy Earphones series. Choose your favorite piece of fruit or random object from this set of seven and go nuts.

The designers over at SolidAlliane have made some wacky little designs by taking very simple objects and cutting them in half. From a variety of food items like poneables and bananas to animal paws and screws, there is something here for everyone. The arrow going through the apple is my personal favorite, however. Each set of earphones comes with a 120cm cord length and wegh in at 15g. I hope you are really enjoying the novelty here, because they will set you back $46 USD with another $15 for shipping. I suppose that is midrange or so if you are really into your headphones.

If you have a mind for something a bit more traditional, we have featured an array of earphones here at Gadgether. You can rock out with these large and in charge Mogul DJ Style headphones if you are into Trance/Electronica music. If you would prefer something that gets your music job done while also looking cute, consider these Matryoshka Doll Headphones. Just flat out adorable, if you ask me! I generally prefer the larger and beefier headphones myself, but to each his or her own as the case may be.