Rosewood Knuckles Umbrella for the Warrior in You

Umbrellas have been one of the cutest creations of human imagination and have become essential accessories for all seasons and reasons. Umbrellas have evolved over time and now they come in different shapes, sizes and forms.

Designer Tobiah Adam has given ubiquitous handle of umbrella a subtle makeover by replacing it with customized rosewood knuckles handle. It makes the umbrella very personalized for fans of warriors and warrior games.

rosewood knuckles umbrella1

Sometimes we don’t need to make a great change in design to express a creative thought.  The Rosewood Knuckles handle will only make it easier to hold the umbrella tightly during heavy rains and is a good reminder of the good old power of knuckles.

rosewood knuckles umbrella2

Ancient warrior swords had such handles, so those with spirit of warriors can use this umbrella as an effective self defense tool too. But more than that Rosewood Knuckles handle gives umbrella an old world luxurious charm and it makes an excellent style statement.

rosewood knuckles umbrella3

Rosewood Knuckles Umbrella is a prototype but one can contact designer at ETSY to get one. One hopes final version with leather strap for easy carrying will be available soon too. If you are the geeky type then you may love this LED Glowing Umbrella instead or you can protect your designer shoes in heavy rains with Shoe Umbrella Shuella.