Metamorphosis of Household Appliances

Change should always be for the better, change should always be in line with the new surroundings. Charles Seuleusian on Behance Network, wants to bring in a change to this household appliances design, making it evolve to fit in the demands of the constantly changing society.

A range of household appliances that can work on fire as well as electricity and are being promoted as products that bridges tradition and modernity. Household appliances are very important in our daily lives, and also when it comes to sustainable living.

Excessive usage of gas or electricity is bad, and a range of household appliances, which can balance the two is the need of the hour. In this day and age, people do not want to rely on old gadgets forever. Moving onto sustainable, smart and green living is the right thing to do, and people have started realizing that. The design is a shot at satisfying this demand of the common man.

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