SmartyPans Enables You to Cook Smart and Have Fun

Some think that everything around us should be connected to the Internet, and that includes even the pans we use for cooking our daily food. SmartyPans is an intelligent device that turns cooking into a very hi-tech activity.

SmartyPans is a smart pan that comes in an all too familiar form. Changing the design in order to make it look more futuristic would have really been a drawback, in this case, so the manufacturers decided to make it resemble a regular pan. In fact, SmartyPans is so inconspicuous that people who don’t know what it is could easily mistake it for a pan of the common kind. Also, the name of the product is quite witty: SmartyPans – smarty pants. See?

If you need to watch your weight, you probably spend a lot of time checking food labels to see exactly how much calories a particular dish ends up having. SmartyPans eliminates a lot of the guesswork as it calculates the number of calories in real time.

The weight of ingredients, internal temperature and humidity are monitored at all times, and the numbers are transmitted to a companion app via Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Only the Android version of the app is available now, but iPhone and Windows Phone 8 versions should soon follow. The app features two cooking modes: recipe mode and metrics, and you are encouraged to use both of them until you figure out which one suits your cooking style better.

As all smart devices, SmartyPans comes with a battery. According to the manufacturer, it takes an hour to be fully charged, and then the power is sufficient for keeping the smart pan working for up to one month.

The smart pan is currently featured on Indiegogo, where it has raised around 2 percent of the $90,000 goal. Considering that the crowdfunding campaign started 4 weeks ago and that it will end in less then 3 weeks, the chances of this project being successful are rather slim. The steep price might be a cause of that, as backers are required to pledge $269 to secure a SmartyPans for themselves. Also, the delivery time might be another factor, as the manufacturer promises to send these pieces of smart cookware in October 2015, should the campaign prove to be a success.

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